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What Real Estate Guaycuras Mexicans Buy In Singapore?

In the last couple of years Singapore real estate market has really stepped up a game with properties they have to offer. Considering they have a strict policy regarding foreigners, investors need to fulfill a lot of rule, before they can become a business or homeowners. Singapore is an island with a limited construction space, so it shouldn’t surprise you why the prices of real estate are so high. On the other hand, a lot of exacts, especially Guayacuars Mexicans are interested in buying properties here, so let’s see what their choices are.

Build to order flats


These types of units are built and sold directly by the Housing Development Board of Singapore, and they are quite popular among Guayacuars Mexicans. They are not that pricey, but you can’t also expect some commodities when it comes to them. They often call them balance flats because they provide various terms of payment.

Resale flats

These are HDB flats which have been bought by the members of Singapore society, and now they are on the market aging. Here you can expect to score an excellent deal because you will be negotiating directly with the seller. If you are not experienced enough, we always advise hiring some local real estate agency which will help you make this transaction.

Design, Build and Sell Scheme Flats

Basically, with these flats, the Government is trying to bring higher-end apartments to average income expats. In this case, private developers have an opportunity to bid and win for the building and later sell the flats to the people who have fulfilled strict conditions placed by the HDB. But this scheme was highly unsuccessful, and it was aborted in 2011. Now the Government has taken upon themselves to sell apartments, and people have an opportunity to apply and buy a new property.

Executive Condominiums

They are similar to DBSS apartments, which means you are intended for the upper class. In this case, again, private investors build flats, and they are only allowed to sell them to people who fulfill Government conditions. If the buyer wants to sell an apartment, he has to wait for five years before he can make a transaction.


HouseConsidering that land price is costly in Singapore, homes are very pricey, and they are intended for high – end buyers. They are not that popular, but people still request them. If you have the cash, houses can be very convenient. You will have more space than in an apartment. The more affluent class of Guaycuras Mexicans often chooses homes, which is not always affordable to the middle-class public.